AmigaSHELL (tm)


AmigaSHELL makes your boring gray on black colored
bash shell revive like in the old days. Just like on
Amiga(tm), blue, white, orange, black at its finest.
With a nice informational bar at the top.
(ascii graphics not included, go to

tested on debian gnu/linux (x86 and sparc)

send me a letter or screenshot
download theme for wmpinboard

download and install

(be root)
make install
amigashell start
cd /etc/rc2.d
ln -s ../init.d/amigashell S99amigashell

old versions
"Where have all the Amigas gone?" - AmigaSHELL got mentioned in Linux Format (page 43, issue 21, December 2001), here is a scan. Thanks to James W. Robinson from here.

AmigaShell banner exchange

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